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Existing Publications

This section includes details of books published as a result of the IGC. Please also go to the Research page for further readings about graphology.

The list of books below can be obtained by emailing your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The International Manual of Graphology, Core insights in Handwriting Analysis, by Lorraine Herbert, Bernadette Keefe, Monique Riley and Monique Stirling is now available.  Please go to the Latest Publications page to read more about this book and also to order a copy.


  • The Application of the G. Moretti graphological system, derived from the IGC Urbino conference  is written by Dr Enza de Petrillo and Pr. Alessandra Millevolte.  It is available from IGC Books for UK sales,  and  also from the Italian Sales office at  Via del Falco, 35 – 00193, Rome, Italy.  Telephone + 39 – 06 – 6864771.  Alternatively, worldwide, please e-mail your request to




  • Graphologie des Striches, was written by Esther Dosch. It was translated into both French and English by the IGC under the title of Graphologie du Trait, Graphology of the Stroke and published in a bilingual edition."  Copies are available from IGC Books.


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